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Which home repairs to you want tackle first?

Which home repairs to you want tackle first?

Here are some general recommendations to help you decide what you want to do personally versus those jobs where it pays to call a home professional.

How to Replace a Toilet Seat

You may want to set aside 2 hours of your time to replace a toilet seat, this is to allow enough time in case you run into problems and redo some/all of the work. so you might want to make a template of your current seat and take it to the store.

• Remove the old toilet seat and lay the new one in place. If it still not effective then it's probably time to call for help. when you buy the wrong shape seat and need to make a second trip to the store. A handyman will complete the job quickly.

If you are unsuccessful loosening the screw(s), then you need a hacksaw to cut off the screws.


• Put the screws down parallel twin screw barrel through the holes and screw by hand until the nut is secure.

The toilet often needs more repair and upkeep, than most other things in your home as it is used more often. You can try using penetrating oil to help loosen the screws.

• You will need a wrench to hold the nut in place if the nut underneath doesn't have wings to hold onto to prevent the screw from spinning.

You might run into problems through no fault of your own, like metal screws that have rusted in place making it difficult to remove them. Some are real (metal) screw, nut and possibly a washer as newer toilets have a plastic screw and nut (no washer).

• Purchase a new toilet seat with the right size and color.

• Check the hardware used to attach your current seat to your toilet. Be careful to catch the nut and washer when they come off so you can reuse them. Things will go more smoothly and you will be more comfortable once you try a few small home repairs. It gets really tricky here as a slip of the wrench, even a small one, might be enough to crack the toilet which would mean buying a new one. It happens all the time.e.

If you want to do minor home repairs, make sure to get a home repair book with lots of photos plus step-by-step instructions and diagrams to help you complete the repairs if not easily, at least successfully. Don't be surprised or embarrassed if it doesn't work and you still have to call a handyman. You'll also benefit from the experience and handling minor home repairs which can also save you time and money. Then use the wrench to hold the nut firm, and finish screwing with the screwdriver from the top

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